our Story

Pocket Angel Company began when our three year old was terrified to go to sleep one night. We tried everything and nothing was calming him down. I began to tell the boys that when I was little, my mom taught me to put my rosary under my pillow so that when I was afraid I could hold on to it.

Immediately, our six year old ran straight to his treasure box and pulled out a pocket rosary for his little brother. Keaton then began to worry that the rosary might get lost so his big brother, grabbed his felt tooth fairy pillow and put the rosary inside its pocket.

That night inspired our family to create our dearest Pocket Angels. It has been such a joy to see these angels in the arms of the children they have been made for. From Grandma's rosary to notes of affirmation and pictures of loved ones, our Pocket Angels have held them all and brought comfort in the big and small moments that matter.

We hope these angels bring the same peace and comfort to your little ones that they have to ours.

The Gilmore Family

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